Why didn't I start with this one?!?! That probably tells you all you need to know about me.
  1. My name - Kathryn, Katie, Kitty
    Surprisingly not Kat, Kathy, or Kate
  2. Age - 23
    Yes, I know, no one likes you when you're 23. I get it. But like it's also my "Jordan" year. And that sounds like a positive thing. Idk. Not a basketball fan.
  3. Current Life State - A week into my first year as a Masters of Human Resources student.
    I'm in the best program in the country and I feel the weight of it every second. I'm already drowning.
  4. Looking forward to:
    1. Hopefully sleeping in three days from now 2. Eating leftover enchiladas tomorrow 3. Winter Olympics 2018 4. Being done with this program in 18 months
  5. Relationship Status: in a relationship
    I have a boyfriend named Patrick. Things are never static.
  6. Favorite Family Member: Indy
    Indy is my baby. I ❤️ him.