In no particular order
  1. Meditation Mount
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    Best at Sunset. You can bring dogs but remember to stay quiet and don't bring food!
  2. Tipple and Ramble
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    Such a nice atmosphere, shop for home goods while drinking a beer or a glass of rosé while chilling outside on the patio. Cheese and meat plates please. Host a party here
  3. Kate's Bread
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    Order online and pick up at her home on Sunday from 12-1 only. You can occasionally pick a loaf up at Farmer & The Cook. I like the cinnamon brioche.
  4. Farmer & The Cook
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    Vegetarian, yummy smoothies, pizza on weekends, salad bar and grocery... The enchiladas are my favorite and the smoothies with coconut oil. Kristi had a beautiful acaí bowl
  5. Chief's Peak
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    The bar at Ojai Rancho Inn. Join the Mug Club and get your own mug on the mall and receive 2$ off on each drink
  6. Boccalis
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    For the strawberry shortcake!
  7. Ventura River Valley
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    Lots of trails and beautiful! Watch out for rattlesnakes and coyotes!
  8. In the Field
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    Wish I could afford the clothing or home goods in this store
  9. Bart's Books
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    Outdoor bookstore...
  10. Ojai Valley Inn
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    Breakfast on the golf course
  11. Knead Bakery
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    Delicious baked goods and yummy salads and sandwiches
  12. The Summit
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    Classic burger yummy shakes!
  13. Black Walnut Ranch
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    Where we will get married!!!
  14. Where do you like to go?
  15. Papa Lennon's
    The blackened chicken caesar roll up is absolutely to die for. Fresh focaccia bread + house caesar + garlic aioli and parmesan... It's heavenly.
    Suggested by @LAmag
  16. Nutmeg's Ojai House
    Great selection of crystals, singing bowls, and new age ephemera
    Suggested by @jesseno
  17. Galerie 102
    Suggested by @naneu22
  18. O-Hi Frostie (more reliable than The Summit which is never open when I show up there)
    Suggested by @lordzul
  19. Krishnamurti's residence, now the Krishnamurti Foundation
    Suggested by @sharris