Master of None is a thoughtful comedy series co-created by and starring comedian Aziz Ansari on Netlix. Each episode feels like a warm, intimate, and immersive tour of Ansari’s New York, shot on location at bars and restaurants throughout the city, primarily in Brooklyn. Help from
  1. Parlor Coffee at Persons of Interest
    A coffee shop in the back of a hair parlor!
  2. Parm
    This episode the characters didn't stop raving about the chicken parm sandwiches! Dev chose his parm sandwich over his friend's kid's homemade sandwich.
  3. Morgenstern's
    The douchey husband of Dev’s married love interest (Claire Danes) cuts in line to order the last King Kong banana split.
  4. Dirty French
    Dev takes an uninterested internet date out to dinner here, the restaurant he told Nina is his favorite he’s been to lately.
  5. Tacos Morelos
    After 45 minutes of online restaurant research, Dev settles on this taco truck, but by the time he and Arnold get there, they’re out of tortillas.
  6. El Rey Coffee Bar & Luncheonette
    Dev and his dad (His real-life father) meet up to talk Sylvia Plath and relationships.