I grew up swimming competitively, all the way through to UCLA. I am also a newly retired LA Beach Lifeguard. I would like to take a dip in these places.
  1. Bondi Beach Pool- Sydney, Australia
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    A saltwater concrete pool with Tasman Sea waves crashing while I swim a workout in the Olympic size pool.
  2. Blue Lagoon- Grindavík, Iceland
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    Natural Hot Spring Dreams
  3. Krapfenwaldbad.- Vienna, Austria
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    If this is not in a movie it should be
  4. Kastrup Søbad- Copenhagen, Denmark
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  5. Thermae Bath Spa- Bath, England
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  6. Badeschiff- Berlin, Germany
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    Another ideal workout location in the Olympic size pool
  7. Gellért Thermal Baths- Budapest, Hungry
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    I would like to take a dip here with Wes Anderson
  8. Barton Springs Pool- Austin, Texas
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    This pool looks like it would be a great place to bring alcohol!