Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Alarm goes off
  2. Press snooze
  3. Repeat
  4. Several times
  5. Get out of bed
  6. Find a clean pair of scrubs and put them on
    I keep my scrubs in my guest room closet and it looks like Doug Funny's closet for all you '90s kids like me because every outfit is the same
  7. Drive to work
    Bonus points if I managed to wake up early enough to hit up Wawa for a 44 ounce diet coke.
  8. Flip through radio stations
    My five presets all play commercials from 6:30 to 6:35 and it annoys me every time
  9. Get report on my patients for the day
  10. 12 long hours of nursing care
    Made even longer by charting. Ugh
  11. Drive home
    Usually get dinner at Wawa
  12. Debate whether to run or go to sleep