Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I met him on a run outside my neighborhood
  2. We were supposed to have coffee
  3. He was half an hour late even though he only lived ten minutes away
  4. After waiting for twenty five minutes I left because I thought he stood me up
  5. He texted me five minutes later to say he was there
  6. I turned around and went back. Mistake one
  7. He was terribly awkward and the conversation sucked
  8. He didn't apologize for being late
  9. My mom convinced me to give him another chance
  10. Mistake two
  11. We went to dinner. He was twenty five minutes late
  12. He didn't apologize
  13. He was so awkward and the conversation sucked
  14. He ordered dessert
  15. I positioned the car door between us so he wouldn't try to kiss me
  16. Even though I ignored all his calls and texts and unfriended him on Facebook he continued to call for almost a year until I blocked his number
  17. After that I ran into him while I was on a run and he sprinted to catch up with me and tried to ask if I still had the same number but I outran him
  18. I have since moved