Actors That Will Make Me More Likely to See a Movie

My love affair with movies has been a lifelong thing. Here are some of my favorite actors who I will always choose to watch, even when it doesn't seem like something I would be interested in.
  1. Gary Oldman
    He has always been and probably always will be the best actor in my opinion.
  2. Rebel Wilson
    Absolutely hilarious.
  3. Tom Hardy
    I've loved everything I've seen him in, doesn't hurt that he's pretty easy on the eyes either
  4. Bradley Cooper
    An amazing actor. Seeing him on Inside the Actors Studio made him love him that much more
  5. Kate Winslet
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one of my all time favorites
  6. Jake Gylennhal
    I've loved all of his movies, plus looks like my fiancé ❤️