Fame being relative to a small Massachusetts town
  1. Running a middle school gambling ring
    I spent my middle school recess' collecting everyone's lunch money with a slot machine dice game. Once teachers caught on to me it was immediately stopped, but I still made at least $100, rich in kids terms
  2. Elementary school candy vendor
    I made a "menu" of candy that I bought at a tiny general store, raising prices by at least double. It lasted for about a month, until teachers started noticing no one was eating lunch, apart from me. Good times 😹
  3. High School Unibomber
    The FBI showed up at my house claiming they had a lead that I was the Unibomber. My parents swore I did something horrible but I had no clue what happened. A few years later I found out it was a disgruntled friend who wrote a note saying I was and put it in a mailbox. Yay for good friends..