1. Ohio State Buckeyes
    I've been a Buckeye since birth, a diehard fan since I was 10 and I'm currently a student. How could I not root for the Buckeyes?
  2. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
    It's basically a requirement to be a Notre Dame fan if you're Catholic.
  3. Michigan State Spartans
    Second best school in the Big Ten. Only time I won't root for them is if they are playing the Buckeyes.
  4. Cleveland Browns
    It'll be our time eventually.
  5. Cleveland Indians
    Grandfather took us to Indians games all the time when we were younger.
  6. Columbus Crew
    Only decent professional sports team in Ohio.
  7. Columbus Blue Jackets
    Columbus born and raised, always have to support the local teams.
  8. Cleveland Cavilers
    So grateful to have the King return home.