Little irritating things in my life

  1. Apparently I brush too hard thus I have to change my tooth brush about every two weeks
  2. When I sneeze as I'm putting on mascara
  3. When the socks in my dresser are rolled up in the same color and yet they are different kinds (ankle with low-cut)
  4. Chocolate stains all over my white sheets
    Makes ppl wonder otherwise
  5. Vans
    Vehicle made to piss other vehicular drivers off
  6. When the toe cap on my shoe gets scratched
  7. When I'm 100% sure about something and come to find out I was off
    This is especially irritating when I've worked hard trying to convince ppl I was right. How could I've missed it?
  8. When I try saving money on cheaper tanks, my black tanks give me big black stains under my pits
    Looks like someone focused on only assaulting me in that one area- black eye pits!
  9. When I have dreams about a horrific mud slide and it kills my family
    Reoccurring dream. In WA this would've been more possible, but now in TN this is very unlikely. Either way, it makes me feel guilty for distancing myself from my fam.