1. The Schuyler Sisters
    This requires no explanation besides Work!
  2. Burn
    Eliza Schuyler Hamilton takes no prisoners and tells no lies.
  3. Angelica's verse in The Reynold's Pamphlet
    She will modulate the key and debate with you Alexander.
  4. Enough
    There are so many feminist icons in In the Heights but we all know Camila is the boss.
  5. Satisfied
    This would be higher up but there are so many incredible Hamilton songs to choose from. A woman who bares her heart, strategically plans her social status and puts her family first? Tragic, but also feminist as hell
  6. It Won't Be Long Now
    If Vanessa doesn't make you feel all the things you don't have a heart (also mourning the lack of In The Heights gifs)
  7. Dear Theodosia
    Men not subscribing to gender roles is always refreshing and this ode to fatherhood makes me melt
  8. Honorable mention: It Ain't No Thing
    I don't know what Bring It On songs Lin actually wrote but I'm assuming he had a role in a song in which a trans woman helps another woman love her body and ignore the haters