Allow Me to Listroduce™ Myself

  1. Danceee
    Literally my favorite thing to do. I dance everywhere all the time
  2. My best friend
    Just look at this picture. I mean we are obviously best friend goals.. But really I don't know what I'd do w/o my best bud.
  3. My "twin sister"
    She's only 3 yeas younger than me but we always get confused as sisters. I guess it's the blonde hair?
  4. Just a few of my closest friends
    All these people are my closest friends. They are actually the best (plus not pictured my friends Brooke and Brian).
  5. Games
    I'm very competitive and card games like euchre are the best.
  6. Children's parks
    I mean who doesn't love a good slide??
  7. Traveling
    This is in New Orleans where I grew closer to many of my band friends from school
  8. The lake
    I mean I know I'm not the best skier, wake boarder, or tuber but the lake is so fun
  9. Harry Potter
    My role model and other close friend
  10. Family
    They mean the most to me, I mean nobody loves baseball and football like the Meades:)
  11. Faith
    Everything I have I'm blessed with and I thank God every day for giving me everything "list-Ed" above and the other important things left unspoken.