Sometimes I refer to myself as either a princess or an ogar. But really I'm probably somewhere in between. (Maybe a little more on the princess side).
  1. Here comes trouble
    I was a very obnoxious child and I was (and still am) very clumsy.
  2. #23 on the field #1 in your heart
    I am very involved (I used to be even more) in all types of sports. I used to play tennis, golf, softball, basketball, and dance. But then in high school I gradually had to pick one thing to do and I picked dance, but softball will always be my favorite sport.
  3. music
    Music has and always will play a huge deal in my life. It used to calm me but since I've gotten to a higher level sometimes it stresses me even more.
  4. Oops I did it again
    I tend to make the same mistakes over and over bc I seem to never run out of second chances.
  5. "Do you ever have free time"
    No.. Well sometimes over breaks, but generally I like to be doing something. I need to feel productive and like I'm making a difference. I love to dance, be with friends and family, or somewhere with youth or choir groups.
  6. Sarcasm
    My sarcasm has a bit of truth in it which can come across as funny.. But also very hurtful. I need to be more careful with my words sometimes.