To me you are happy when you aren't thinking of your problems and what I have to get done
  1. Dance
    You get to do either whatever you want or have a strict routine. Either way it never gets old and it's the only time I feel like i "say" everything I want to. I am the happiest when I dance
  2. Playing softball,football,really almost any sport.
    Sports literally can make me forget everything I'm worried about and let me have fun in the moment. Probably my favorite thing to do
  3. Being with friends
    Even though they frustrate me at times my friends keep my spirits up. Without them I would actually be so sad.
  4. Singing
    Haha yep.. Singing... I may not be great but dang some of the most fun times I've had were with my youth choir, honors choir, and just singing in the car. I love it
  5. My family
    Also can be very annoying at times but they are the people no matter what I know have my back. That will never change and sometimes that's the biggest comfort
  6. Trust
    Being able to fully trust someone and know they will never break it and if they do they will do everything possible to fix it