I excluded X Factor performances because that would be TOO MUCH for me to emotionally handle and individual covers from the Reflection, Summer Reflection and European Reflection tours because TOO MANY. (Hopefully I didn't miss any but that may have happened, tbh).
  1. They Don't Know About Us
    100% the best 5H cover. Any time they do this cover I ascend to a new plane of being because it is flawless. http://youtu.be/K_PWwJKjj8Q
  2. Honeymoon Avenue
    This is my favorite Ari song but I kind of like the 5H version even more. The harmonies are breathtaking and every girl sounds amazing. http://youtu.be/eJ-b7uF6rLw
  3. Take Me To Church
    I vividly remember holding my computer speaker to my ear listening to this cover the first time they performed it to see if their changed the pronouns and they didn't and I died. http://youtu.be/YND9X2t4ls0
  4. We Will Rock You/Bad Blood/Bitch Better Have My Money
    Pure genius. My jaw drops every time I hear this. http://youtu.be/DKkIMOjsApQ
  5. Red
    The emotion in this cover transforms the song for me. http://youtu.be/CN8OvmbX72o
  6. La La La/Latch
    EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS. http://youtu.be/bVD_heAdAgQ
  7. Uptown Funk
    Best 👏🏻 tour 👏🏻 announcement 👏🏻 ever 👏🏻 http://youtu.be/hBtOWai3zbg
  8. Thinkin Bout You
    While we wait for Frank's album can we just have 5H cover all of Channel Orange? http://youtu.be/0q4jWZh9avQ
  9. Lego House
    Me when they dropped this: 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 http://youtu.be/EFt-CN_GIwQ
  10. Love Me Like You Do
    I'm always here for 5H covering Ellie. http://youtu.be/lIoK9hpmaVw
  11. All I Want For Christmas Is You
    The Rock singing along to this in his car is literally me. http://youtu.be/9vu4AN2bc-M
  12. Royals
    Lauren and Ally absolutely KILL IT on this. http://youtu.be/Sm4vwe5Vi5M
  13. Stay
    This song notoriously makes me cry whenever I hear it and this cover is no exception. http://youtu.be/9Rhq0_uZ9OE
  14. Wannabe
    Never forget when they dressed as the Spice Girls for Halloween. http://youtu.be/0OxL8PL3N9k
  15. Mirrors
    Thank you, Boyce Avenue. http://youtu.be/fvEZUbzqqyM
  16. Independent Women
    I lost my shit when I saw them perform this on the Neon Lights Tour. http://youtu.be/5YdXiMIlUHw
  17. Want U Back/Your Love
    The Cher Lloyd mashup I didn't know I needed in my life. http://youtu.be/j2m3VTTFAik
  18. American
    I'm not a huge fan of this Lana song in particular but I'm glad Lauren got to cover her fave. http://youtu.be/lOzYYeTxylQ
  19. All Of Me
    I'm here for Camila and Ally dancing and Lauren adorably forgetting the words in this video. http://youtu.be/g0o53b7L2cQ
  20. When I Was Your Man
    The original of this song is kinda 💤 to me so the cover kinda is too. http://youtu.be/I8tEcMjV_zE
  21. Rude
    I personally loathe this song and this is basically the one upsetting thing 5H has ever done to me. http://youtu.be/-xH-zfMwl_s