the eternal struggle of the queer woman: do I want to be you or do I want to be with you?
  1. Taylor Swift
    She's always been life goals and then she cut her hair and 🎶everything has changed🎶
  2. Gina Rodriguez
    This photo is the epitome of #LifeGoals but I also just need Gina to marry me.
  3. Sara Bareilles
    My original Life Goals or Wife Goals. Please give me your voice, musical abilities and outrageously charming personality but also please serenade me and impress my family at holidays.
  4. Anna Kendrick
    One of the most #relatable celebs who also looks DAMN GOOD IN FLANNEL.
  5. Laverne Cox
    A goddess in every way who I could never come close to personally or romantically. 😍
  6. Kristen Stewart
    I want to be you, but I MOSTLY want to be with you.