I can finally watch this masterpiece every day for the rest of my life in full Digital HD glory and cry endless tears.
  1. When R2-D2 awakens
    R2 and BB-8 joyously beeping just makes me a blubbering mess.
  2. Leia & Rey
    "May The Force be with you." AND THE TEARS BE WITH ME
  3. Luke's mountaintop reveal
    Rey's face. Luke's face. That dramatic hood.
  4. When the Resistance flies in and saves the day
    SO TRIUMPHANT (and Poe isn't dead 🙏🏻)
  5. "I didn't know there was this much green in the whole galaxy."
  6. When Rey catches Luke's lightsaber
    Rey IS The Force awakening lol it's fine I'm fine.
  7. Han's death
    If you don't get emotional during this scene you don't have a soul.
  8. The opening crawl
    I've seen this movie countless times but tears literally stream down my face every time it starts I can't help it. Blame John Williams, tbh.