Based on quality, major personal preference and influence on my life this year.
  1. 25 - Adele
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    Adele is a powerhouse, there is no doubt about it. I missed hearing her voice on timeless tracks and this album delivered those. But it also delivered some more unexpected—Send My Love (To Your New Lover) is basically the Adele version of a banger—but still 100% Adele songs.
  2. Handwritten - Shawn Mendes
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    Shawn Mendes is the talented, poignant, charming, and genuine young singer-songwriter I've been waiting for for YEARS. Stitches is a jam, Life of the Party is haunting, and I Don't Even Know Your Name is wonderfully romantic. The whole album is relaxing and refreshing to listen to.
  3. Blue Neighbourhood - Troye Sivan
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    Troye Sivan's debut is drenched in nostalgia but somehow still 100% fitting for my life right now. FOOLS is the perfect soundtrack for leaving work downtown, and SUBURBIA makes me miss home like no other. This album feels how I have felt at the end of 2015 and I'm so glad it came out when it did.
  4. Revival - Selena Gomez
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    I'm gonna be honest with you, I wasn't expecting much from this album. I liked Good For You and Same Old Love but I wasn't a HUGE fan. But Selena completely surprised me and delivered a stellar album with an unpredictable and refreshing pop sound. Plus, Hands To Myself is the best song I've heard all year.
  5. E•MO•TION - Carly Rae Jepsen
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    A perfect pop album. CRJ has managed to write fun pop with a retro influence that somehow sounds like nothing I've ever heard before. Over time each song has transformed from just being a bop that I have on repeat to something that feels deeply personal. Because that's what these songs do, they sneak up on you and suddenly you're crying to a Carly Rae Jepsen song on the subway.
  6. Made In The A.M. - One Direction
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    Honestly, Zayn leaving is the greatest thing to happen to One Direction's music. This album has a solid direction (😉) and for the first time I finally understand exactly what the band wants to sound like. The classic rock influences are prevalent and perfect (😉) and the record is able to take me from singing along to catchy pop to an emotional punch in the gut while staying sonically cohesive.
  7. Badlands - Halsey
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    Badlands perfectly captures what it feels like to be a ~millennial. It's rebellious, inventive, self-aware, sexy, vulnerable, confident, and commanding. Each song sucks me in, making me hyper aware of each lyric. Not to mention the production is fantastic and Halsey's unique and charismatic persona comes through with each word. Drive is one of my favorite songs of the year.
  8. To Pimp A Butterfly - Kendrick Lamar
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    Kendrick Lamar constructed the most relevant, necessary album of 2015. From start to finish this album is a masterpiece. Every time I listen I am in complete awe of Kendrick's poetry. Objectively the best album of the year.
  9. Reflection - Fifth Harmony
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    This solid debut is filled with positive pop jams that's defined my year. From dancing alone to Going Nowhere in my room to blasting Top Down in the car with my friends to screaming every ad-lib in Reflection in the crowd at a concert, I've never gotten sick of this album since it came out in February and I don't see myself getting sick of it anytime soon.
  10. Hamilton Cast Recording
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    It's been years since a cast recording has has such significance to me. There's no doubt that Hamilton is a masterpiece as a musical, but what takes it to the next level is how every lyric and melody has ingrained itself into my mind. Even if I haven't listened in days I'll wake up with a Hamilton song stuck in my head. I find myself quoting lyrics in regular conversation. Hamilton is both culturally significant and deeply personal to me at the same time.