LFOD = Live Free Or Die = the New Hampshire state motto. (I went home to NH for Thanksgiving and these aggressively NH highlights)
  1. This guy waiting for the bus.
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    Technically this was still in NYC but he is LFOD AF.
  2. These magnets.
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  3. This wooden box makes a turkey call
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  4. My mom got this pillow that will give me nightmares.
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  5. "Did you hunt today?"
    A real life casual question my Aunt asked my cousin's boyfriend when they arrived for Thanksgiving dessert.
  6. This is what you use to hang up deer after you kill them hunting. It is located at our local gas station.
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    I don't know what they do when they hang them up because it upsets me. 😔
  7. I almost crashed my mom's car swerving to miss porcupine roadkill.
  8. I bought my mom '25' on vinyl and the cashier at Books A Million DIDN'T KNOW WHO ADELE IS.
  9. My mom bought this Cars wallpaper for $1 at the dollar store.
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  10. My friends and I took photos together outside our favorite diner which happens to be a truck stop and attached to a gas station.
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    We have done this many times in the past.