Now that Made In The A.M. (which might be my fave 1D album) is out I have compiled my favorite 1D songs. 🎶
  1. Fireproof
    When this song came out I listened to it in repeat for weeks and I've never gotten sick of it. This song is my safe space.
  2. They Don't Know About Us
    This song is literally perfect.
  3. Stockholm Syndrome
    The most under appreciated 1D song, imo. It's a banger that makes me hella emotional.
  4. Hey Angel
    This song is a masterpiece.
  5. Little White Lies
    THIS SONG WILL ALWAYS BE MY JAM. I almost fell over jamming out to this in concert.
  6. Girl Almighty
    Worships girls? Has a stellar guitar part? Count me in. (I also hardcore want to cover this with an all-female 1D cover group)
  7. Over Again
    Liam. In. This. Song.
  8. Up All Night
    When I heard this song I knew I was 100000% 1D AF.
  9. Diana
    Why does this song get slept on? The Police vibes are A+.
  10. Moments
    All of the vocals on this are so raw and stunning and I think about this song a lot.
  11. Never Enough
    Such a bop.
  12. History
    I am still really emotional about this song.
  13. Happily
    One of my favorite 1D sounds. The acoustic version of this is especially prime.
  14. Midnight Memories
    This song (and album) signaled a sonic shift for 1D that I was ALL ABOUT.
  15. Walking In the Wind
    The chorus makes me want to burst into tears every time.