He actually wrapped these up in wrapping paper and everything.
  1. For Mother's Day this year, he got me a set of baby hands. This is my husband wearing them.
    In his defense, they were hilarious. @jmonty
  2. When he went to NYC a few years ago, he brought me back a pair of Statue of Liberty sunglasses. Kid-size, so I couldn't even wear them. These are almost identical to the ones he got me:
    In his defense, the next time he went to NYC he brought back a fab Marc Jacobs bag for me.
  3. Back when we were dating, he had a teddy bear made for me and sent it to my workplace. It sang. I'm not into stuffed animals, so I'm not sure why he came up with that idea.
    I can't defend this gift.
  4. He's given me some great gifts, too. But that's another list!