Think about it... They're the best...
  1. High heels on marble tile
    Sounds like girl power
  2. Opening a coke
    The hiss of refreshment
  3. The ocean in the morning
    It's like an auditory massage man
  4. Campfires
    It's a subtle crackle. The vanilla of sounds. But you know what? Vanilla is still awesome.
  5. Pouring rice in a pot
    Sounds like those rain sticks they used to give you in kindergarten music class... Soothing af.
  6. Ceiling fans at night
    I can't sleep when it's absolutely silent. Fans are the best.
  7. Crunching an entire mouthful of BBQ chips
    Not one. Not two. A whole, crammed full mouth of them.
  8. Baby giggles
    Someone disagree with me, I dare you
  9. Fanning the pages of a book
    Sounds like knowledge wafting into my ear holes
  10. Rain water rushing by underground in the sewer
    It's like a secret, nasty river...