@marymurphy It's not really ranked, but whatever...
  1. Italy
    Italy was beautifullll. The weather and the landscape are just gorgeous. And when you're walking around Rome and you turn down some random road and all the sudden BAM you're right in front of some priceless piece of history... that's the best. Because I love history. And there was tons of gelato, wuuuut.
  2. Ireland
    Land of my forefathers, represeeeeent. Erin Go Bragh fo lyfe. Everything was super green but also very cool and you just can't beat that accent. Swoon.
  3. England
    I lived there for six months and got to travel around and see a lot of the country. It's a little cloudy for my tastes... Like all the time... But still loved it so so MUCHO. And London is one of the best places I've ever been yo. And they invented Harry Potter. What more could you ask for man?
  4. Spain
    I got to touch the Mediterranean!! #lifegoals. Barcelona was awesome. People kept speaking Spanish to me, which was fine, except I only understood half of it because they were being super sneaky and actually speaking Catalan... Sagrada Familia is insane. A street performer yelled at me and I totes played the no hablo espanol card to get out of that one. The end.
  5. Canada
    We've camped all the way up the east coast to Canada a few times with our cousins. These trips fueled my hatred for camping and hiking in general, but are also some of the best childhood memories I have. And Canadian weather > Atlanta weather in the summer ALL DAY ERRR DAY.
  6. France
    I'll be honest. I fucking hated Paris. It wasn't the people or the city itself, just a lot of bad things happened all at once during that trip and it was a goddam disaster. That being said, the Louvre was a fucking religious experience, I swear to god. Aaaaaand I saw Mr. Darcy aka Colin Firth. So... NO RAGRETS.
  7. Camden, Maine
    We stopped here every summer we went up to Canada. It's beautiful, the weather is prime, and there's a great star-gazing field. But I would never go there in the winter... #idontdosnow
  8. The Van Gogh exhibit at the High, Atlanta
    I went with my Dad and just stood in front of Starry Night and stared for like an hour. Total fan-girl geeked out.
  9. Matt & Kim, The Masquerade, 2010
    I love Matt & Kim. They're not my favorite band ever but I still love them. I've been to some pretty awesome shows, but for some reason, this was just really one of my favorites. Just a really good night, you know man?
  10. Harry Potter World, Universal
    Need I say more? @joemurphy and I went for my birthday last year. Because we are grow ups. And it was the best.
  11. Avondale Estates swimming pool, summer 1995
    I very seriously broke my leg that summer and was stuck in a body cast in the middle of an Atlanta hell-summer for 2 months. The first time getting in that pool after that was one of the best experiences of my life. It's the little things people.