Guys... No...
  1. I'm talking the pre-breakdown, we-still-love-you-Lindsey-Lohan version
  2. Thought 1: I remember seeing this in theaters and I find that super disturbing
  3. Thought 2: I still want to go to that camp
  4. Thought 3: The entire premise of this movie is completely jacked
  5. Thought 3a: Two grown ass adults decide to get divorced and split up their twins and never tell them that the other exists - WHY??
  6. Thought 3b: What kind of fucking parent would be ok with never seeing their child again just to avoid seeing their ex... - WHY??
  7. Thought 3c: There are like 6 adults involved in this web of lies... And all of them are ok with keeping life changing info from 11 year olds like its a perfectly acceptable thing to do... - WHY??
  8. Thought 4: If I was one of those girls I wouldn't be trying to get them back together, I'd be finding a secluded area to fucking bury their bodies after I fucking murdered them
  9. Final Thoughts: My childhood memories and dreams associated with this film have been tainted and shattered. It's just super creepy now. WHY HAVE I DONE THIS TO MYSELF?! (Also Kat Graham, aka Bonnie from the Emmy winning classic Vampire Diaries, is one of the camp extras. 😵)
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