It's hump day y'all
  1. "It's Humpday, you should be smiling more!"
    From creepy old dude who always creeps when I'm walking to my office. At work. At 5:30 in the morning. In a deserted hallway. Just meeee and himmmm.
  2. My work email crashing half way through the day.
    My inbox is going to be a fucking nightmare tomorrow... If it even opens... #jesustakethewheel
  3. "I just wanted to say that I watch you every day and I think you always look so chic."
    Second creepy old guy. At work. Who I have never seen before. WHO PHYSICALLY GRABBED MY ARM OUTSIDE THE BATHROOM TO MAKE ME STOP SO HE COULD TELL ME THIS. I honestly don't think he was trying to be gross, and I know he thought he was being nice... But it was gross. And I was super uncomfortable. Like where are you watching from.... And don't touch me bitch...
  4. Having to wait in line for gas for 30 minutes because #nogasingeorgia
    People are stupid. That's what I got out of this experience.
  5. Getting rained on. Because my umbrella is in the car.
    There's almost nothing I hate more than getting rained on.
  6. And last.
  7. But not AT ALL least.
  8. I'm out of milk. And I don't want to go to the store. And all I want is a fucking bowl of cereal.