Things I Want to Text My Sister but Can't Because She Is Writing an Essay

@kirs10 don't read this until you finish your homework
  1. Has Taylor stopped bringing out people to just walk the runway during Style?
  2. Does this black outfit she keeps wearing replace the sparkly dress?
  3. Can you believe it's been 3 months since we went to the concert?
  4. This list isn't over yet....
  5. Did you see We Are Your Friends?
    This is in reference to one of your lists about your crushes on white guys. Also O don't know if I got the title of the Zac Efron edm-themed movie.....
  6. Milo apdosjuaidk aka Jess suffers from partial paralysis?!
    How did I not know this?! Also I love his crooked smile too, but just thought that was a cute thing about him, not a medical thing.
  7. I am imaging your voice in my head in response to all of these
    It's mostly you laughing. Now I imagine you smiling at me thinking I of you laughing.
  8. I hope I am doing this list thing right
    Am I using these caption boxes correctly?
    I am picturing him as Ross Lynch right now
  10. I remember you living the guy from Winning London
    I didn't know he was Australian either...
  11. I hope you don't keep getting a notification each time I comment or favorite one of your lists
    Are you getting notified when I add to this list?
  12. Is this list too long?
  13. Ugh it's def too long
  14. I was reading a list about DCOM movies and someone commented that Model Behavior isn't an original Disney Channel movie, but it is and I am enraged!
  15. This app is addicting