1. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
    This was my first introduction to Bravo, god bless. My family would watch this altogether whenever it was on. I'm sure a lot of things went over my third/fourth grade head. It was also when my family discovered there was parental control on my TV. The password was 12345, and my parents couldn't have cared less.
  2. Leave it to Beaver
    Isn't this a nice juxtaposition to Queer Eye? My family went through a phase where we watched this on TV Land. We literally all sat around watching it, probably like how they did in the 50s. I'm not sure how we started it, and I'm assuming it ended when I discovered Bravo and E!
  3. Oprah
    Oprah was always on after school. I hated Tuesdays because that was often when Dr.Phil was on and it always seemed like he was yelling at people. I remember another episode where a lady applied makeup before she went to bed in case there was an emergency. This is when I learned to never sleep with makeup on.
  4. Seinfeld
    This was more so because of my brother, but it used to be our daily dinner show.