Here's everything I loved in August!
  1. Stranger Things
    I didn't give it a chance in July because it didn't sound like my thing but finally I gave in and I'm SO glad I did. Hands down my favorite tv show this year. My roommate and I would've finished it in a day if we had been able to. I couldn't recommend it enough.
  2. Old Navy rockstar jeggings
    I'm not a super fan of jeans but I decided to give this pair a try when I was shopping because, yes, leggings are comfortable and easy but my wardrobe definitely needed some variety and these were perfect! I have them in gray and two different shades of denim and I can't wait to rock them all winter long. Plus I wore them for like 9 hours the other day and wasn't aching to get them off afterwards so, yes I found a winner.
  3. The Olympics
    I have a separate list in drafts about my favorite gymnastics moments in Rio but I can't not include it in my monthly favorites. I was so thrilled to spend two weeks doing nothing but cheering on all the incredible athletes.
  4. Luna
    My roommate adopted a new dog from our local humane society and she's literally the sweetest thing on four legs. She's half black lab half Dalmatian and completely adorable.
  5. Braves and Tori Kelly
    I got the chance to see Tori Kelly, who I love, in concert after the Braves game a few weeks ago and she's every bit the vocal powerhouse that you would assume she would be, not to mention precious and humble. I had a severe sinus infection (though I'm glad you can't tell in this photo of me and my dad from the game) so I'm glad I braved the sickness to go because it was totally worth it!
  6. What were favorite moments in August?