My 2016 in Photos

2016 has been a rough year for a lot of people and I am no exception. However as I reflect back on the year and look to 2017 with hope, it helps to see the high points of the past twelve months.
  1. JANUARY: My friend Jason's wedding
    My friends from college were reunited at a wedding and we had a blast braving the winter weather to dance the night away and celebrate a fabulous couple.
  2. FEBRUARY: Oyster Fest in Piedmont Park
    I can think of no better way to celebrate Galentines Day than with lifelong friends, oysters, and great live music. It was cold but the day was fun so it didn't matter.
  3. MARCH: St. Patrick's Day in Midtown
    St. Patrick's Day falls at the perfect time in Atlanta because it's just starting to get warm and march madness is in full swing and there's plenty of reasons to drink, let loose and celebrate the end of winter, which my friends and I did at Fado's in Atlanta. Who doesn't need a reason to go out in the middle of the week every now and then?
  4. APRIL: my baby cousin and I at my dads birthday
    April was a fairly uneventful month for me but I did get to go home at the end of the month to celebrate my dad's birthday and hang out with my baby cousin, who has a penchant for playfully slapping those he loves and enjoying every second of it.
  5. MAY: road trip to New York
    I drove by myself to New York to see one of my best friends graduate from law school. Besides being in the presence of VP Biden, the pinnacle of this trip for me was seeing Niagara Falls. I've never felt more empowered than I did on this trip, crossing 10 states by myself.
  6. JUNE: Weezer and Panic! concert at Lakewood
    I've never really considered myself a concert goer but I went to three this summer including seeing high school faves Weezer and Panic! at the Disco. 16 and 26 year old Katie lived their best lives that night.
  7. JULY: being a tourist in my own city for July 4th
    I spent Independence Day with friends visiting the Georgia Aquarium, the World of Coke, the CNN Center and capping off the night with fireworks at Stone Mountain. It feels good to see the tourist spots of Atlanta every now and then to remind me why I'm lucky to call this city home.
  8. AUGUST: last Braves game at Turner Field with Dad
    I got to say goodbye to the Ted and see one of my favorite singers, Tori Kelly with my dad. Can't wait to see the Braves play at SunTrust next season!
  9. SEPTEMBER: ushering in 27 in style
    I turned 27 in September and celebrated essentially all month with my friends. Here's to hoping 27 is as great as that cheesecake was.
  10. OCTOBER: my cousin's wedding
    You know me, I LOVE a good wedding. Any excuse to dress up and celebrate love with good food, drinks and dancing surrounded by my people is always a good time and this wedding was no exception.
  11. NOVEMBER: trip to Helen
    I'll admit there's not a lot about November that I'd care to celebrate. It was just not my month, or the country's. But I did kick it off with a great trip to Helen which gave me a chance to at least pretend like I enjoy being outdoors.
  12. DECEMBER: spending my Christmas break with friends
    Before I went home to be with family, I celebrated the holiday season (and my roommate's birthday) the best way I know how: by going out to our favorite spots in Atlanta and reveling in each other's company. It hasn't been a banner year for me, but I'm grateful to end it on a high note.
  13. Peace out 2016 ✌🏻May 2017 be better than you in every way possible.