September Favorites

Bachelorette parties, my birthday, and the return of lots of my favorite TV shows
  1. My cousin's bridal shower
    My cousin Megan gets married in October and earlier this month, we celebrated her pending nuptials with a bridal shower. Even though most of my family lives in Georgia, I don't see them as often as I'd like so I jump at any chance to get together and celebrate!
  2. My birthday
    I turned 27 in September and while it's a little hard to comprehend that I'm officially in my late twenties, I'm ready to tackle this year head on and make it a great one!
  3. My cousin's bachelorette party
    Like I said, I love any chance to spend time with my family, especially if it involves sangrias seedy Atlanta bars 😂
  4. Atlanta
    I've been a huge Donald Glover fan since the 30 Rock days and I've been counting down until the premiere of this show. This show definitely gets Atlanta. It feels so real that sometimes I forget it's not a documentary.
  5. You're the Worst
    So I've been a big fan of this show since I discovered it last summer but this season has been particularly excellent. Last week's episode dealing with Edgar's PTSD basically tore me into pieces.
  6. The West Wing Weekly
    A episode by episode breakdown of one of my favorite television shows ever? Um yes please! I've been listening since March and #TWWW just wrapped up season one this month and it's absolutely the highlight of my week. I mean I actually look forward to Wednesday now! Josh and Hrishi not only interview cast, crew, and creators about their time on the show but also the real life politicians working on the policies discussed on the show! So so good!
  7. You Must Remember This
    As a fan of Old Hollywood, this podcast is essential. I'm admittedly a new fan (it's been around two years already!) but I'm hooked! Karina has a gift for storytelling and the 30 minute podcasts feel like five minutes because you just get sucked into a time warp.
  8. Presidential
    Yes I've been on a podcast kick lately. Can't you tell? Washington Post reporter Lillian Cunningham started this series in January with George Washington and she takes you through each presidency week by week leading up to the election. This past Sunday was Ronald Reagan meaning we're inching closer and closer to November 8th. I love that even as a self-described presidential nerd, I've learned so much about the men who've called the White House home.