It was a weird day. Let's recap.
  1. Today started by sitting in some traffic
    Not an uncommon occurrence since I do live in Atlanta but apparently today was the day everyone decided that the laws of the road just didn't apply to them. It was strange.
  2. I got to work and found out I get free lunch
    Ayyyyyy. Free lunch is actually pretty normal because medical sales people know that we'll listen to their shit for 30 minutes if they give us free Chipotle but still it's always exciting.
  3. And then I found out their was a water main break
    We were without water the whole day. Which means no washing hands and no using the bathroom. And so we had to walk a block to another building to go to the bathroom on what happened to be the coldest day in nearly a month. Yeahhhhhh
  4. And then our internet went out
    I work in marketing and social media. I can't do my job without the internet. I mean I can do some stuff from my phone but dammit I shouldn't have to. And it wasn't one of those days where I could be like oh well guess I'll call it a day. Oh no. December is incredibly busy and there's no such thing as a wasted work day.
  5. And then I heard about San Bernardino
  6. And every little problem and slight inconvenience about my day seemed utterly trivial
  7. For what seems like the millionth time this year, I was glued to Twitter watching another preventable tragedy play out
  8. Gun violence is a problem and it's a problem we can and must solve
  9. But we have to all agree that this country's obsession with guns is outrageous
    I feel like too many people are more concerned with losing their precious guns than with innocent people losing their precious lives.
  10. So we have to do something.
    Call your representatives and tell them #notonemore. Vote the politicians being courted by the NRA out of office. The ballot will always be stronger than the bullet.
  11. And we have to learn to live together.
    Be kind to one another. Life is hard enough without making it harder for each other.
  12. There have been more mass shootings in America in 2015 than days on the calendar.
    I think in 2016, our country's New Years resolution should be to end gun violence.