This includes family, friends, and make dogs.
  1. On a trip to the coast
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    This was taken on a day trip to the English coast with my friend Simon. I think I was talking about my favorite classes I have taken in college and he fell asleep.
  2. While talking about how hot Prince Harry is
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    This was taken on a train in London when my grandfather came to visit. We were coming home from Windsor castle and while I was explaining to him how Prince Harry is obviously hotter and better than Will, he fell asleep.
  3. During a conversation about slavery
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    I took Lukas to the International Slavery Museum and instead of engaging with me about the horrors of historical and modern slavery, he fell asleep. Granted, slavery isn't the sexiest conversation one can have on a mini-vacation. This one is definitely my fault
  4. On my 21st birthday
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    After moving into my first solo apartment on my 21st birthday, I was trying to decide what I wanted to drink and where. Brother was not as interested in my decision.
  5. I tried to entertain and play with my dog in my bedroom once.
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