1. Sending mail is a 6 step process. 75% chance I don't get past step 4 before Christmas. 25% chance never and these cards stay on this table forever.
  2. That person took too long to text back. Just send an address. Don't feel bad we don't talk that much and so wait to craft a how ya doin text with the address. No card for you!
  3. Anyone who doesn't buy their photo cards at Costco got suckered! Seriously it was 30 bucks for all my cards guys. Pretty much worth the membership except I bought some soap too that gave me a rash.
  4. I do not know how to spell a surprising number of spouses'/live-in significant others' names. But sometimes you can make letters look scribbly and then maybe they won't know.
  5. I would have sucked at being a Victorian era lady who had to devote more than 2 hours per year to writing letters
  6. This person is an old person and will be extra psyched I sent them real mail.
  7. Is it weird writing my hometown zip code makes me nostalgic and a little weepy and makes me want to play Bruce Springsteen?
  8. This google docs spreadsheet is way better than that box of paper scraps and envelopes I had for 24 years.
  9. I should clean other things that have been a mess for awhile? I should have an office nook! I should have organizer boxes of all different sizes! I should have an ergonomic chair! I should have a fancy pen! I am the kind of person who should have these things!
  10. Damn, we move a lot.
  11. Damn, our friends move a lot.
  12. This address sounds like it is made up.
  13. I think your life is just slightly more boring if you live on a street that's just a number that is not in New York City.
  14. This is a cool single person. Not sure if they will think my kids and this card are cute or annoying
  15. I will definitely start this earlier next year, get a professional family photo taken where everyone looks at the camera and no one looks weird or blurry, and write quirky personal notes on each card next year in my office nook with the fancy pens and various sizes storage boxes.