(Inspired by @ListPrompts) This has not been my best year. Mental health wise...and physical health wise, things were a little rocky. But it's DONE and I have so much hope for 2016.
  1. January
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    How I spent most of January when I wasn't at work. In bed, with Pippa, watching Friends. (Like my bra on the dresser? I am a CLASS. ACT.)
  2. February
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    It SNOWED! Not a ton, but enough for work to close for the afternoon.
  3. March
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    My cousin got married and everything was wonderful. This was taken right after I sorta, maybe, gently slapped my Nana? I'm a shithead, she's perfect.
  4. April
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    Hiked Blood Mountain with my brother. It was my first pretty legit hike and we did it with Pippa (who is far better at scaling rocks than I am)!
  5. May
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    My poor baby car had to be towed when the gas line came undone on my way back to work after lunch. Super fun day. But super thankful it wasn't anything serious.
  6. June
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    Went to see Ingrid Michaelson with my mom in Birmingham. I will see her errytime she comes anywhere near the state of Georgia. Her shows are SO fun.
  7. July
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    Donated 16" of my hair. Did not have a panic attack, which surprised everyone.
  8. August
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    Began watching The X-Files, which pretty much took over the rest of my year.
  9. September
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    My birthday dinner! I leeeerv this picture. Chloe took her heels off cause I'm a shorty and I have my "eat shit" face on, probably because my brother said something terrible.
  10. October
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    Dressed up with Ellen and Chloe for Halloween at work. Also saw Taylor Swift this month, but took no decent pictures.
  11. November
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    My cousin Emily and I stuffed the outside fridge too full, so we had to prob the pallet up to hold it closed. #inventive
  12. December
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    Part of the gingerbread VILLAGE we made this year. Ours won, which is hilarious given the fact that it looks like we just slapped icing everywhere.