I have read an embarrassingly small number of books since graduating from college (3 YEARS AGO) and I've set out to do a better job this year. I've been very against e-readers, but got a Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas and have fallen in love with it. I'm still hoarding books like a freak, but it's nice to be able to carry lots of books at once.
  1. Anyway...HERE ARE SOME BOOKS!
  2. Static
    This was good! She has a nice writing voice and I loved reading about her experience on Gilmore Girls.
  3. Static
    This was inCREDIBLE. I love YA Fiction, but even if you don't, read this. I cried finishing it in the car with my dad. Perfection.
  4. Static
    Apparently I'm Anna Kendrick. Who knew?! She's hilarious and thoughtful and I want to be her friend.
  5. Static
    I started this at the beginning of the year and stopped, because I'm weak and wasn't in a great headspace and this is not the lightest book. But it's great. Hannah is so introspective and she makes being a human seem like the coolest thing.