Not ranked and not very well thought out. Which is how I like to do most things.
  1. The Holiday
    I LOVE THIS MOVIE. I watch this movie four or five times outside of the month of December. The cast is perfect (I even love Jack Black in this). The soundtrack/score is perfect. "I only used the good notes." 💔
  2. White Christmas
    I hated this movie so much when I was little, because my mother would play it RELENTLESSLY. But now, as much as I hate to be proved wrong, I love it. The music in it is fantastic. The DANCING. Rosemary Clooney. Just set me on fire.
  3. The Family Stone
    This is whole movie is ROUGH. Meredith is well-meaning, but lord. The scene at dinner is an actual nightmare. Everett gets mad at them after she storms off, but what she said is actually awful?! I love this weirdo family. I love this awful movie. It is realistic and filled with loooove.
  4. The Santa Clause
    TIM ALLEN. I love him. I love every detail of this movie. My brother and I watched it so much as kids, but it's actually been a few years since I've seen it! We'll need to rectify that SOON.
  5. Christmas in Connecticut
    Very similar vibes as White Christmas (in the sense that my mother has always loved it and I hated it). Although my love for this movie does not run quite as deep. It's adorable and fun though!
  6. Love Actually
    I don't love this movie as much as the general population seems to, but I do love it! I love Hugh Grant always and I love him extra in this. I cry every twenty minutes or so. It's a blast.
  7. While You Were Sleeping
    Not specifically a Christmas movie, but SANDRAAAA. I would, honest to God, watch her read the phonebook. Also, if there has ever been a movie that more closely exemplifies me as a human, I have YET to come across it.
  8. A Christmas Story
    Honestly this movie gives me sorta weird vibes. We have it on all day on Christmas though, so I've come to associate it with faaamily.