I thought about making two separate lists, but MEH ✌🏻️
  1. Spirit
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    I do not know why I love this as much as I do? Bryan Adams is BA and if I'm already an emotional mess some of the songs can move me to tears. Has anyone else even seen this movie?
  2. Cold Mountain
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    THIS movie. THIS MUSIC. If I had to pick a composer to write the soundtrack to my life, it'd be Gabriel Yared. This movie and this music are such a part of my everyday headspace. Also, some close family friends sing on the Sacred Harp Singer tracks on the album!
  3. An Education
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    If you have seen this movie and can listen to Jenny's Theme and not want to like climb mountains while sobbing, then idk what to do with you.
  4. Marie Antionette
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    The soundtrack is what makes this movie, but the score is why I'm here. Dustin O'Halloran is 👌🏻 Opus 36 is perfect and wonderful. One time a guy sent me a recording of him playing it and tried to tell me he had written it. 😐
  5. Like Crazy
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    Dustin O'Halloran also wrote a lot of the score for Like Crazy and it is 💔 the track Departures N1 at 0:10! That chord makes my heart melty.
  6. Elizabethtown
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    Just 🙌🏻👌🏻💪🏻👏🏻😭
  7. Two Weeks Notice
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    First of all, I love this movie. My mom and I quote it allll da time. But the score is beautiful! Play Helicopter Ride if you ever want me to just start weeping.
  8. The Lion King
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    A true staple of my childhood. I can sing or hum pretty much every line of every song in the entire movie (not the Broadway production, because I'm uncultured).
  9. The Holiday
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    This isn't an album I sit around and listen to, but the score is 50% of this movie. I don't think it would have gone over quite as well as it did, if it weren't for the score.
  10. Inside Llewyn Davis
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    Just killlll me. CHRIS THILE. AND JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. AND MARCUS MUMFORD. Just set me on fire. For real. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WWeHxa7Q5yA I CANNOT.
  11. Freaky Friday
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    It's a little awful, but I listened to it for YEAAAARS and years. My neighbor me I used to listen to Chad Michael Murray singing ...Baby One More Time everyday on the way home from school. Because of course we did.
  12. O Brother Where Art Thou?
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    If you haven't seen this, GO. FLEE. NOW. This is one of my favorite movies ever ever ever and the music is perfect.