I am relatively new to podcasts and I need help! I'll list the few I've listened to, but would love some input!
  1. Serial
    Duh. The first season was incredible, and I'm enjoying the second so far!
  2. Mystery Show
    I would listen to 500 of these, if I could. I could listen to Starlee talk foreeeever. They're super cute episodes and also make me FEEL stuff.
  3. Gilmore Guys
    I like this, but I don't love it. If I was watching the show for the first time, I think I might enjoy it more. I like listening to the ones about my favorite episodes!
  4. Pop Rocket
    Pop culture related, but these guys are so funny and great
    Suggested by @maggzerts
  5. The Canon
    Suggested by @hkath
  6. Throwing Shade
    A weekly look at all the important issues for ladies and gays. Hilarity ensues. @evak can back me up on this.
    Suggested by @emilyannlosey
  7. Check out my "Dope Podcasts 2.0" list!!
    Suggested by @lizabeth
  8. How Did This Get Made
    A very accessible podcast with comedians chatting about terrible movies.
    Suggested by @IamChrisTodd
  9. Crybabies!
    Susan Orlean and Sarah Thyre have guests on to discuss what makes them cry. Somehow it's always a little bit transcendent.
    Suggested by @hkath
  10. Stuff Mom Never Told You, Longest Shortest Time, 99% Invisible, Dear Sugar Radio, Love + Radio, Death Sex & Money. I've heard good things about Crybabies, but haven't listened. And I also heartily endorse Serial (obvs) and This American Life, and Throwing Shade!
    Suggested by @femme_feminist
  11. Startup
    Suggested by @natienat3693