Idek I go in very random spurts with music, so this is the stuff at the top of my saved music on Spotify (except the Adele, because she's too good for this world-sidebar, why was Taylor met with outrage when she took her music off of Spotify, but everyone was just "yep!" about Adele? Genuinely curious. Love them both).
  1. Josh Groban - Stages
    Start this list on a good note! This album is perfection. My mom, who thought she didn't like Josh Groban, asked for it for Christmas. His voice has matured SO much and I like a lot of these songs better than the originals.
  2. Simon Burke - Cry to Me
    Just saw The Man from Uncle for the fourth time and this song sells the scene in the hotel. It's fun and makes me wanna DANCE (which truthfully, is a lot of songs).
  3. Nick Jonas - Levels
    I was never a hit Jonas Brothers fan, but Nick's recent stuff has been really fun. I love this single. I play it at least once every time I'm in the car.
  4. Julia Nunes - Some Feelings
    Truthfully, I would listen to Julia sing about the weather, but this is a GREAT album. I don't personally relate to it as much as I did her last, but that hasn't taken away from my enjoyment!
  5. Sara Bareilles - Songs from Waitress
    This album is so much fun. Sara is insanely talented and this album is so different from her other stuff, but still very her. It'll make you laugh and also make you want to sob.
  6. Robert Plant - Raising Sand
    I love this so much. Alison Krauss will forever be one of my favorite artists and I love her on this. There's a little bit of everything on it and their voices blend so effortlessly.
  7. Adele - 25
    Because who ISN'T. It's scathing and heartbreaking and beautiful and PERFECT, GO BUY IT.