My Secret Santa Gift!🎄🎁❄️

I am SO PUMPED. @rachhello I had no idea! I read your lists about your Secret Santa-ee and I never crossed my mind it might be ME. So fun! And thanks to the kindhearted @ChrisK for organizing this!
  1. I got home late tonight and was SO PUMPED to realize it was here!
  2. STILL PUMPED. The lighting in these is horrible. Sorry about that. Also my NAILS. But that is not what this list is ABOUT.
  3. Opened it to see the cutest letter ever!
  4. Everything was wrapped INDIVIDUALLY!!
  5. A hilarious string of stickers was in the box and I cracked up.
  7. First thing I unwrapped. GEL PENS. I may or may not have gasped so hard I choked on my spit. Who knows.
  8. A beautiful little notebook, which has already made its way into my purse. I haven't gotten a new notebook in months, which is just too long to go without getting a notebook.
  9. Then there was THIS. (Which like, if there's a message I needed to hear right now...) It looks like a cute little book, but WAIT!
  10. It's a little box with MORE THINGS INSIDE!
  11. I freakin love keychains and this is PERFECT. My friend and I have a thing about scorpions and it looks like Texas! I seriously love this.
  12. Passionflower Fragrance Oil which was made in Hawaii! Smells fantastic, and I'm super picky about scents.
  13. And a little L'Occitane soap which also smells amazing.
  14. And then...
  15. Are you ready for this?
  16. I don't think you are.
  17. A floating mug?!
  18. YEAH BUDDY! Just like it sounds! I'm using it right now. I LOVE.
  19. Pippa was super mad at me for not letting her eat the wrapping paper.
  20. Rachel! Thank you so, SO much.
  21. Everything is so fun and perfect and thoughtful.
  22. Love, love, love.
  23. Everyone should follow @rachhello. She's a beautiful ray of wonderful.