I got this a few weeks ago and have had literally zero down time. (Ending my first semester of teaching, helping my parents with my grandparents who they just put in assisted living, house sitting and babysitting constantly. December has been a month.) I'm so sorry, @francium for not posting earlier!!
  1. Static
    Pippa was in.to.this. from the start.
  2. Static
    The sweetest note! I didn't read ahead because I don't like spoilers!
  3. Static
    I am so excited about the wrapping job here. Pippa in the background...LOOMING.
  4. Luke's Mug
    And then I started weeping. The SWEETEST, most thoughtful gift. My love for Gilmore Girls knows no bounds and I have a surprising lack of memorabilia from the show. Thank you!!
  5. Dog Notebook
    I love this! And it's been in my purse since I got it! I never have paper when I need it.
  6. Black Tea
    This tea smells SO GOOD. One of the bags burst in the tin and made the whole box smell amazing. I tend not to venture out of my normal tea selection, but I love this!
  7. Dog Compact
  8. Static
    I LOVE THIS. I don't have a super thin mirror for my purse and I love this one. It's thin and adorable.
  9. Flamingo Paper Clips
    I just. How. How could life be better than this??
  10. PENS!!
    I love these Zebra pens and I can't wait to take these to school. The kids are gonna freak out.
  11. Static
    This adorable notebook. I love it and it's a great size to carry around. It's super nice quality too!
  12. Frog Keychain
    ❤❤❤ I love this. The boy I've been dating is from Michigan and for some reason, pulling this out made me start crying again. I was having a good day.
  13. Static
    This was the sweetest mix of fun and sweet and perfect. I loved everything and I'm so thankful for you taking the time to send all of this!
  14. Static
    Pippa asking where tf her stuff is. (She thinks everything in a box or a gift bag is for her.)
  15. Thank you, Frances and sorry for the delay in posting! ❤