Stuffed Animals of My Childhood, Ranked

I had a #thing with stuffed animals as a kid. This list isn't even all the ones I still have (although most were in the attic), and I got rid of a lot years ago. There are some missing though?! @nathanveshecco, this was SO DIFFICULT. I tried to rank them as I would have as a kid, not by how sentimental I might feel towards them now, but 😭
  1. 15.
    Got this one on an Easter one year? The carrot kinda moves around in its head. Idk WHY and it kinda freaks me out!
  2. 14.
    I have no recollection of having this? But the nose is pretty scuffed, so he must have been used to some extent. Probably the only Bambi character that didn't give me some kind of anxiety.
  3. 13.
    Got this one in high school out of a claw machine on my FIRST. TRY. So obviously I've kept it.
  4. 12.
    Giant Bunny
    I got this on my first Easter. She is HUGE and is missing an eye. Apparently I used to suck on her ears?? I don't even know, but she's always been around.
  5. 11.
    Large collection of dogs
    If you've ever been like, "huh, I wonder if I could find a *dog breed* stuffed animal?" the answer is yes, and I probably had one. And remember this is a pared down selection! I got rid of a lot when I put these away! I freakin loved animals as a kid and I LOVED. DOGS. Still do.
  6. 10.
    Lady & the Tramp
    She's in a weird laying down position? I didn't sleep with her or carry her around, but played with her a lot. I would tie a string around her neck and pretend to "walk" her. 😐
  7. 9.
    To to go with Simba, of course. She didn't get loved on as much. If you squeeze her butt, it makes a "purring" kinda sound. Super weird! She used to have some kind of vine-looking, flower thing around her neck.
  8. 8.
    I /think/ I had this because it was supposed to be Auburn's mascot, Aubie, but I'm not sure. My brother and I both had one and we used to play jungle with them and our 500 Lion King animals.
  9. 7.
    Pooh came from WDW. I saw him early on during our trip, but didn't get him for fear of coming across "something better" i.e. A different stuffed animal. Had a total melt down on our last night because I wanted THAT Pooh and he was in Magic Kingdom and we were in Epcot. My dad, being the human he is (and because we had park hopper passes), took me back to Main Street USA (in like 30 degree weather) and bought him for me. And then got me hot chocolate. Might have irritated him, but I remember!
  10. 6.
    Floppy Dog
    I think this was a Beanie Baby (which could be its own list. Those are around here somewhere)?? One of my best friends growing up had this dog and I looooved it. I can't remember how exactly I ended up with it, but it was probably to SHUT ME UP.
  11. 5.
    Black Cat
    I think I got this one at the same place the beloved panda was from, so, another beach trip. I loved this cat? WHO KNOWS WHY! But I remember taking her on a few trips.
  12. 4.
    (Real panda not pictured) I got a floppy stuffed panda on a trip to the beach one summer (because what screams BEACH VACAY more than a stuffed panda?!). I also got some rainbow ribbon at Walmart on the same trip and tied said ribbon, in a sort of alarming fashion, around the panda's neck. We went along like this, panda and I, for several years. Until I ate Long John Silver's on a cartrip to my Nana's house and puked ALLL over panda. My dad threw panda away and I SOBBED. (In retrospect-duh)
  13. 3.
    White Dog
    My uncle got me this guy the same day he got me my red wagon. We were in Dahlonega and I sat in the wagon with the dog and they pulled me around town. (So I've been told. I was younger than two?)
  14. 2.
    Ugly ass cat...thing
    This is one of the most unfortunate things I have ever laid my eyes on. But I LOVED IT. Simba stayed home, but I took this guy errywhere. It has a weird rattle thing in its head that I assume is supposed to sound like purring? In one of our Santa pictures, my brother is holding it because he wouldn't stop crying and I thought it might make him stop. ❤️
  15. 1.
    My main man. Went to see The Lion King in theaters as a youngin (I was 3 and had to be escorted out when Mufasa died because I was sobbing) and then got Simba as some form of bribery. I took him on every trip as a kid and slept with him until probably middle school? Maybe later? I'm not sure. I could not sleep without him. I was so attached that when we'd go out of town with just my mom and, if I forgot Simba, my dad would have to UPS him to us to quiet my hysterics. I was a great kid.