Take a Peek Into My Bag

Inspired by @shanaz. This is so long. I have too much crap that should probably not be In my bag. I definitely took this as, "list everything correctly in your bag" not, "share what a normal person might have in their bag."
  1. Sunglasses I bought today that I might take back?
  2. Wallet that make me feel like a grown up. Bought it a year ago for what I still think is an insane amount of money for something you store your money in.
  3. Old pictures I just got from my aunt and uncle from my first trip to Disney World
  4. Dilapidated Vera Bradley case with: floss, Listerine Pocket Mist, nail file, glass cleaning cloth, oil blotting sheets, tampon, tiny tupperwear for ibuprofen, Benadryl, & Lactaid, translucent powder, sunscreen, tiny roller ball of perfume, tiny sewing kit, tiny toothbrush and toothpaste, eye drops, nail clippers, tiny scissors, & a tick remover
  5. (I did not know that much was in there? I am PREPARED.)
  6. Albuterol for a nebulizer because my lungs are shit
  7. Sorta sketchy unmarked prescription bottle with one ibuprofen in it
  8. Nasty protein bar that I keep for hangry emergencies
  9. Tiny bottle of honey @slotherson2028 bought for me cause she loves me
  10. This ridiculous hand cream that I love
  11. Like four different red-ish lip products because you NEVER KNOW
  12. Phone charger (which is weird and I'm not sure where it came from)
  13. Random stuff: nasty Chapstick, Cetaphil, eye drops for PINK EYE UGH, maroon Pilot G-2 pen
  14. Not pictured: keys, phone, and trash mostly consisting of RECEIPTS UGH
  15. Oh, the bag