Inspired by @vessel (I was gonna do a full list of every show I've been to, but I saw Clay Aiken as a youngin, so that'll have to be another list. These are all kinda recent?!)
  1. John Mayer / Born & Raised Tour (2013)
    YES yes YESSSSS. I'd shout it from the mountain tops. He is one of the best performers that has ever existed. Everyone see him, if you can.
  2. Julia Nunes / A living room show (2013)
    This lady. THIS LADY. The harmonies. Singing along in the car is amazing, but getting to harmonize with her sitting mere feet away?! Heaven.
  3. The Fratellis / no idea what tour?? (2014)
    I love THIS STUPID BAND. They are all crazy talented and put on such a great show. Lots of druuuunk people, but didn't STOP THE FUN! (Which is saying something, cause super drunk people at concerts are 😠)
  4. Nickel Creek / Dotted Line Tour (2014)
    Yes a thousand times, every day of my LIIIIIFE. The most fun I have ever had seeing a group live. I cried. It's fine. The crowd was horrible and it felt like no one else knew their music, but I didn't even CARE. They were perfect and wonderful.
  5. Secret Sisters / Opening for Nickel Creek in 2014 and again later that year
    They are truly amazing. Super talented. You can tell this is exactly what they're supposed to be doing. Didn't know any of their music the first time we saw them, but it didn't matter and THAT is the mark of a talented artist.
  6. Sugar and the Highlows / Lights Out Tour (2014)
    EHHHH. They opened for Ingrid in 2013. They're good? Couple of nice songs, but I was super aware that I didn't know them and watching the female vocalist sing was kinda painful. 😬
  7. Storyman / with Ingrid (2014)
    SO good and such a great stage presence. They sang with Ingrid some and just 😍 Haven't gone out of my way to see them again though.
  8. Ingrid Michaelson / Lights Out Tour (2014) & again in Birmingham (2015)
    YES. If I could have Ingrid follow me around every day and sing to me, I would die of happiness. She is SO personable live and so FUN. She played a song at the show in Birmingham that she said she hadn't played in years and explained why and I cried.
  9. Sara Bareilles / Little Black Dress Tour (2014)
    PROBABLY! It was a fun show, but it felt more like a performance. It wasn't the most intimate show I've been to (and I truly don't think that has anything to do with the size of the venue, emotions are emotions!), but it was fun! It was also in July and outdoors and like 90% humidity. (I regret so terribly that I didn't see her when she did her live album at the Variety Playhouse.)
  10. Oh Honey / with Ingrid (2015)
    Talk about energy. As in too much? They're ok! They made me tired watching them? The girl jumped a lot and just 🙃 CHEEL
  11. Jukebox the Ghost / with Ingrid in Birmingham (2015) and again in January (2016)
  12. Ben Rector / Compadres Tour (2015) and again at the end of this month!
    Cleverly the answer is yes! His music is so fun and heartfelt and he is so talented. LOVE. WOULD MARRY.
  13. Taylor Swift / 1989 (2015)
    YAS. Her music has weaseled its way into my heart and will likely stay that way forever. She puts on a SHOW and makes me wanna DAAANCE
  14. Now that we're at the bottom of this list, I realize I said yes to pretty much all the the ones listed. But I mean, if you're not tone deaf, I'll probably watch you play music. 😊