Inspired by @ListPrompts / sort of a downer, but when am I NOT?! 🎉🍾
  1. I've been thinking about this all day.
  2. And I can't come to any kind of concrete conclusion.
  3. I didn't feel like an adult when I went to college.
  4. I didn't really feel like an adult when I moved into an apartment during college.
    (Although probably the closest I've been technically speaking?)
  5. I didn't feel like an adult when I graduated from college.
    And certainly not when I promptly moved back home.
  6. I don't really feel like an adult when I take care of people's children.
  7. I have flown across the country by myself.
  8. I have taken good care of my dog for the last three and a half years.
  9. I have kept my car in good condition. I pay my bills.
  10. But the closest I've felt was not a traditional milestone.
  11. A few months ago I had to take care of my grandparents when my parents were out of town.
  12. My grandad has leukemia and was hospitalized with pneumonia. My grandmother has Alzheimer's.
  13. So I had to leave work and go and take care of them. Had to get my grandmother from the hospital and essentially take care of her like I take care of the kids at school.
  14. I had to make sure she was dressed in the morning. Had to make sure she ate. Had to entertain her, so she didn't get irritate my grandad too much while we were at the hospital.
  15. And I think that, the taking care of people who would normally have taken care of me, was the first time I've felt like an adult.
  16. It was frustrating and exhausting and I cried a lot on the phone with my mom and Chloe.
  17. And the fact that THAT is the closest I've felt to being an adult is kinda sad.
  18. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯