1. Watch 12 things on TV at once
    Because I kind of hate cable and apparently I'm weird about watching Netflix on other people's accounts? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Eat everything
    I'll eat like, a grape, two crackers, a spoonful of humus, taste the ice cream, a chicken nugget... 🧀🍗🍕🍪🍦#DINNER
  3. Talk to the dog(s)
    I love dogs and they love meeee
  4. Definitely never doze off
  5. Read stupid articles online
    I never read Buzzfeed, but when I'm babysitting, all bets are off
  6. Clean out my purse
    This is a joke, but I THINK about doing it
    Somebody help. ANYBODY halp