😘😘 to @lame for bringing me back to it!
  1. I truly didn't do a lot.
  2. In addition to being off of TLA, I was also off of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
    I did it for the length of lent, in hopes of worrying less about how I'm perceived on social media.
  3. I was not as productive as I had hoped to be, but!
  4. I read more.
    Gillian Flynn-Grownups, Chuck Palahniuk-Choke, E. Lockhart-We Were Liars
  5. I finished several TV shows I've been holding off on for months.
  6. I started dating a boy.
    (Idk, idek.)
  7. I got a double ear infection, lice (that preschool life), and two nasty bug bites that got infected.
    If a boy will still talk to you after you have lice and unknowingly expose him, he's probably a half decent human.
  8. I have slowly been trying to develop some kind of fitness...
    I can't even say routine. But I'm moving my body more than I was in January.
  9. I have a very vague plan for my future.
    Which involves leaving the job I have now and hopefully teaching first grade in the fall ?!?
  10. I feel...mostly good!
  11. Life is weird and I will always struggle to be "happy."
  12. But the last few months have been more good than bad.
  13. And that is what matters.