Carry on Essentials

both physical and emotional
  1. Meds
    please be sure you have those little round things that make you feel human again close to your person at all times
  2. Passport, wallet, I.D.
    okay fine I guess I need these
  3. Journals
    are you kidding me, write it all down
  4. Miscellaneous
    headphones for jams, sleep mask for dreaming, makeup for jet lag
  5. Snacks
    yes I know the plane feeds me. yes I'm still hungry.
  6. Reading material & slippers
    entertainment and comfort at its finest
  7. Random ish
    face masks bc this plane ride is your first downtime in a long time, portable charger to keep you alive, tissues to keep fighting allergies, and face wipes to wake you up and clear those pores