1. Write and teach a lesson plan for a class of 17 year olds on a book I have never read ✔️
    Let's wing it
  2. Get a professional recording of my song done w/ the rest of my group while having a sore throat ✔️
    Ricola Sugar Free Lemon Mint Herb throat drops 'till I die
  3. Six essays, one major portfolio of all my writings, and an audio recording of a performance from literature
    English and I got a love hate relationship
  4. Do all assignments for that one business class I attended only three times all semester
    There were no excuses, I just loved my bed way too much those mornings
  5. Tie up all the loose ends for my Christmas shopping ✔️
    How many times can I run to Target in one month for "just one more thing"
  6. Wrap presents 'till my fingers bleed ✔️
    Don't let me fool you, I love that shit
  7. Give back in some way ✔️
    Brb gonna go buy food, toys, hats and gloves for all the sweet souls that can't afford them
  8. Somehow work while doing all this bc money ✔️
    "Hi, my name is Katie and I'll be taking care of you tonight- please know I'm in college and I'm entirely depending on you to pay my rent and my credit card bills- what would you like to drink?"
  9. Slow down and enjoy Christmas music and fuzzy socks and learning about Hanukah and baking and being with my friends before they all leave me for Europe