On the occasion of my 30th (public) listen.
  1. Writing breakup songs about Harry Styles.
    We all want to be Taylor, I guess.
  2. Midnight driving with the windows down.
    Super into road trips.
  3. Having secret little rendez-vous with Harry Styles.
    Um. Self-explanatory?
  4. Living in the moment with that Irish one.
    He seems charming and I bet there'd be beer.
  5. Going places we can't pronounce.
    Traveling's fun, but I feel like we should just take a minute to look up pronunciation on the Internet.
  6. Causing trouble up in hotel rooms
    But not with Louis, I don't want to get kicked out.
  7. Getting photographed by the paparazzi
    I don't even like being tagged on Facebook.
  8. Doing the things we know we shouldn't do.
    I am such a rule-follower.